Voted "a top 10" company for home decor in January 2020.  

Up to 6 Current openings below: 

*Side note ~ if you're attending Watertown Lake Area Tech or Northern of Aberdeen in the Graphic Design & Digital Communications programs, and your willing to work in Roslyn at least one day per week. You owe it to yourself to visit with us.

Upon graduation you could step into a creative management tech position.  A position that could meet your career expectations with an ever growing diversified stream of products and multiple distribution channels, supported by apps you helped create. Creative management positions can work from home.










Our Story

We started as a children’s book company offering exceptional value to specialty retail accounts (If your interested in children's books just contact us, for more information, as we sell most at around 60% to 75% off of the S/R retail price).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Our home décor line follows our passion of creating trend setting lifestyles at outstanding price points and our commitment to quality products made in the USA. We continuously introduce new products, keeping pace and setting the latest trends, including implementing Pantone’s fashion color trends into our lineup.

We’re located in a rural community of less than 200 people (two stop lights in the entire county). But don't let that scare you as we attend trade-shows in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, and New York.  Our production team operates out of an old local school . . . we’re humbled to have gained such loyal customers all across America over the past 15 years.

Our Name:

Our name . . .Toad Tracks, Inc. (dba toadu) was chosen as we started out as a children's book company and wanted a name people wouldn't easily forget and a short domain name. So "toad" was a logical choice (LOL). Fact is "we sell fun", great products, at a great value, and never wanted to lose sight of our humble roots while building long lasting fun business relationships.

We are making a change in our name to clearly identify our core business of home decor. Soon we will be known as We're excited about the future! 

Customer Comments:

We've had many orders cancelled or partially shipped this year due to covid 19 but Roslyn Decor helped us tremendously by going the extra mile with wonderful product to meet our needs. 
                                                                           Ace Hardware 

Love Love LOVE my Pictures. Thanks!!!
 Bumble Bee  

So glad we found you . . . your holiday prints are like nothing else and customers LOVE them!
Flower Box, Jill

"Perceived value is so important and our customers always comment on your great value at such a great price."
Thrifty White Drug Corporate office

"We'll take 30 more of item #MA4958 "Be Still" as we have a waiting list of people who want one . . . it's the hottest selling item in our store!"
Flower Country

"We've always sold lots of wall decor and yours is the very best value ... in fact, now we only order from you and it's become a top allied line in our store."
Connie's Hallmark

"Thanks for everything you do! We were very pleased with the variety of product . . . The response we received from the customers was wonderful and profit margin exceeded any we've ever received through any other company. Keep up the good work!"
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Gift Shop

"Your product sells so well and we love the quality, glad we found you."
Floral Bokay

"We make more margin on your product than with any of our other gift company's"
Marie Callender's, CA

"Your product retails so well, it sells even as we are unpacking it"
Weatherwax Pharmacies,

"Just send us $100 a month every month and $800.00 of "holiday" in September of your top selling items as it always sells for us."

"We love your product and appreciate what your doing for us. You're giving us the best margin of any company and the customers love it - - thank you!"
Roberta, Media Center

Return Policy for Toad Tracks:
We're a wholesale company selling only to retail accounts and our policy is not to accept returns  (unless offered by a specific promotion).  

However, "it happens" . . . something is just not right with your order, it just came damaged, was packed wrong, or shipped incorrectly. We want all accounts to be satisfied and will handle each concern on a "case by case basis". So here is what you need to know if you have a problem with an order. 

- If an order is incorrect, has damaged or has defective item(s) we will handle these isolated matters on a "case by case basis". We may re-ship a new replacement item(s) at our expense; or deduct the damaged item(s) from the invoice. If paid by credit card - - any credit will be issued back to the original card used. You will need to again provide us with your credit card number because we do not maintain credit card information. 

 - Any damage concerns or shipping errors must be reported directly to Toad Tracks within 10 business days (2 weeks) from delivery of the product. We prefer you text photos of the damage to 651.238.4918, However it must be reported by one or more of the following methods:

            Fax: (888) 474-8157
            Phone: (651) 238 - 4918 (texting photos of any issue(s) is the preferred method).

Shipping information: 

Shipping methods for all orders will utilize UPS, FedEx, or Speedee and will ship by ground. 

Accounts are responsible for all shipping costs unless otherwise noted by a "special promotion".

While our competitions shipping cost run as high as 26% we cap our cost to you at 12% for shipping (oversized XL items can run higher due to dimensional weight guidelines from shippers). 

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