As many of you know we started as a children's book company and gained a reputation for great books with exceptional pricing, allowing you to sell at prices below the big box stores . . . and still make great margins.

We cap shipping at 12% on books and do not extend free shipping to books.

Board Books continue to be the best selling children's books.



We currently do four assortments of Children's books per year and our next assortment will be around September 15, 2020 and we'll post the assortment here. You can also ask to be emailed by filling out the email form found under the "
placing orders" tab above, be sure you tell us on the last tab (questions and orders) that you'd like to receive our email for children's book assortments.

We sell only in assortments of 12 to 24 titles and you get two of each book (totaling 24 to 48 books).

If your unhappy with your first assortment sent to you, you're more then welcome to return it free of charge!

Most of the time a book with a $16.00 S/R cost you $5.00...we love providing you with exceptional margin and value.

Quantities of assortments are very limited (we always run out as most are sold in advance). We try to avoid any excess inventory on books which makes helps lower overall cost.

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